Difference Between Hotel and Motel

hotel vs motel

People consider a hotel and motel to be the same and not different from one another. They are unique in their own way and do not have much in similarity. Both are common places to halt and they are found extensively over the nation. The following describes what they mean and highlights the differences between the two.

Hotel – Meaning

The term “hotel” refers to an establishment that provides paid lodging for a short time period to travelers and tourists. The word “hotel” has a French origin and means “townhouse”. Hotels may be big or small and they give guests the utilities of swimming pools, banquet halls, conference rooms, childcare facilities and restaurants. For the comparison of hotels there is a rating system of one to five stars.

Motel – Meaning

The term “motel” refers to “motorist’s hotel”. This implies that the hotel has parking space for the guests that check in. Here you are able to find a single building that has many rooms connected. The doors of all these rooms face the parking lot. There can be a small building having small cabins that open into a common space where the cars of the guests can be parked. Motels came up due to the long distances of driving highways in the USA. They provided a place for drivers to rest in between the long distance drives and journey. Motels are places where the guests stop for the night or day when required.  They do not stay for many days like hotels except in cases where their travel demands them to stay in the region for some work.

Difference between A Hotel & Motel

The salient differences between a hotel and motel are as follows:

1. Cost: When it comes to cost you will find that hotels are more expensive than motels. The price of the rooms will depend on the star rating of the hotel that is generally from 1-5. Motels are cheap and they are convenient for over-night stays only. They lack facilities and the basic room infrastructure that you will find in a hotel.  Here you will rarely find an internet or a wi-fi connection.

2. Location: Motels are located on highways and they are mostly found near the outskirts of the town. Hotels, on the other hand, are located in tourist spots mostly. You can find them near prominent business areas, cities and villages. They have many facilities and amenities. They are in short a home away from home.

3. Star Ratings- There are no star ratings used for motels. There are some motels that are rated on a scale of 1.5-2.5 on travel sites to give the traveler or driver an idea on the standards of the place.  Hotels are rated on a scale of 1-5. The higher the star rating of the hotel, the better the amenities and facilities are available to the guest.

Therefore the hotel and motel are not the same as they have their own identity and serve the guests they serve differently.

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