Difference Between Hotel and Motel

Accommodations for lodgers are present in every civilization of human. The major requirement for these places was to facilitate the travelers and traders with facilities that include lodging, stabling and food. The conception is present from the Greco-Roman times. The medieval inns in Europe have their origins during Roman Empire. Some of the places provided fresh horses for the mail coach. The places had food for travellers and fodder for the animals travelling along.

Hotels for luxury

The term hotel came into existence in a period much after renaissance. From the mid-seventeenth century, the traditional inns of Europe grew and engaged in fierce competition. The facilities in them increased in quality as they looked to lure more clients. In 1768, the first modern hotel was opened in Exeter but the concept took wind in the early 19th century with Mivart’s Hotel in London that came into operation in 1812. The word Hotel is derived from French word and comes from the same origin as that of Hospital, in its true sense they were more of a place frequented by people to get comfort. The luxury and other amenities are the later addition.

The utility of Motels

Origins of a motel come late in the history, and the term was put in the dictionary after World War Two. The first of its kind came into being in 1920s. They are derived from two words Motor and Hotel and are a shorter version of the word motorist hotel. When you are looking at the origins then difference between hotel and motel is that the former originated in Europe whereas the latter is an American phenomenon. The places rose in the wake of long interstate travel in America. These places are a common site near major highways. They offer an outer passage exit and parking space while missing out on amenities of a hotel.

Difference between the two

Hotels in the true sense provide luxury to its boarders that many motels cut down on. The motels serve the purpose of travelers on the highway and are generally single storied as the ideal structure ensures that all the doors open to the outside passage like a parking lot. An integral difference between hotel vs motel is the layout. Hotels have doors opening onto an inside hallway. The layout of a motel is L, I or U-shaped whereas this do not restrict hotels.

Comparison: Hotel vs Motel

LayoutThese places have separate rooms that open into a hallway that is inside the building. Some of the traditional hotels didn't have parking facilities. They can be single storied to multi-storied, and some of them are sky scrappersThese arrangements have separate rooms that open outside. They have parking lots as a compulsory arrangement. They have a small reception and often no lobby as opposed hotels. These places are single storied and at the most go up to a two storied arrangement.
RatingsHotels are rated based on the quality on a scale of one to five stars.They do not have any ratings. However, some travel sites may rate them on an individual basis but they are not formal.
LocationThey are placed anywhere in a city or a town. The location is chosen strategically to let it be convenient for the travelers to access the airports and railway terminus. These places are close to important business center to make travel easy.These places were meant for a resting place for those who embark on long-distance travel. They are located near highways that provide travel to park their vehicle and look for some rest.
CostThe cost depends on the extent of luxury and amenities that are provided. They tend to be on a costly side as their main focus is on luxury.The focus is on utility and so they tend to cost less. They cut down on luxury and facilities to provide economy.
FacilitiesThese accommodations provide a lot of facilities like pools, Jacuzzi, suites, banquet and corporate meeting area.Motels lack all the facilities and focus on the basic comfort or hygiene some of them have a pool that is outside the campus.
DurationHotels are essentially meant for short term stay. There can be multiple purposes that vary between business and pleasure.Motels are segregated to be meant for long term or short term stay as they are meant as a rest point for travellers.
FoodThese places have their restaurant that provides you with multi-cuisine options. They serve quality food to please the clients.Motels do not have any attached restaurants. The room service is not compulsory. Though some of them can have their kitchen where lodgers can cook.
AppearanceThese places are meant for attracting the upper class and have luxury and aesthetics to its core.They are utility places that focus on keeping the basic comfort and hygiene right.

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